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Our hero finds himself surrounded by darkness with only a few shards of light to guide his steps. Jumping from darkness to light is no easy task, and sometimes the harder you try to escape, the deeper you go.

Dark Way Down is a free mobile game containing 25 puzzles within a toric world. Try your best to beat the puzzles within the limit of moves and help our hero find the light.

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More screenshots and art available here.

Release Date: May 31, 2014

Created by:

  • Daniel Fairley - code/game design @poemdexter
  • Robert Seaton - music @xezton
  • James Rossi - sound effects @JamesRossiAudio


  • Daniel Fairley, poemdexter games
  • daniel@poemdextergames.com
  • @poemdexter


dark1.3.apk 13 MB

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